May 18 - July 13 & September 1- October 5, 2022


Berta Fischer

Bernier/Eliades gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Berta Fischer, on Wednesday 18 May, 18:00 – 22:00. The artist will be present at the opening.

Berta Fischer’s (b.1973, Germany) exhibition includes a series of new sculptures in acrylic glass, as the artist continues to explore the rich possibilities of this industrial material.

Fischer’s works create sequences of biomorphic, crystalline and fluid shapes. Hung on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or seemingly suspended in the gallery space, they seem to defy gravity.

Each of these sculptures emerged through a multi-layered process involving CAD drawings, computer-controlled laser cutting and hand modeling. In this way, Fischer highlights the properties of the material, even though the striking forms of her works can make one forget this material dimension at first glance.

Her sculptures are the result of a patient process of bending and folding perspex plates and resemble images of frozen movements, both moving and still, fragile and unyielding.

Some of her other sculptures – reminiscent of the sinuous lines of folded Perspex plates – are interwoven with fabric threads. While her acrylic glass works achieve an impression of condensed space, the meshes in her neon sculptures evoke complex surfaces that suggest an idea of entanglement.

Berta Fischer’s transparent, fluorescent and colourful works evoke an unfamiliar, seemingly dreamlike landscape composed of natural forms. Shapes are deformed in her sculptures, solidified and fluidized, stabilized and dissolved. This is, after all, the philosophy of Fischer’s work: transformation, which gives her sculpture the character of a joyful wandering.