"This Which All Want None Shall Ever Have"

February 11 – March 31, 2016


Dionysis Kavallieratos - Courtesy Bernier-Eliades gallery, Athens

2016 © Photography Boris Kirpotin, February 2016 Athens, Greece


Dionisis Kavellieratos was born in 1979 in Athens. He lives and works in Berlin. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in 2002 and completed (2003-2004) the Radar Project (residency) in Venice and Krakow.

Kavallieratos’ flexible artistic practice includes small and large-scale sculptures in wood, clay or mixed media and drawings in pencil and charcoal. His work reveals a dazzling inner world -a personal universe of a post-pop mix of mythology, history, politics and religion- that addresses fundamental issues such as good and evil, life and death, sex, heroism and immortality through a surreal and ironic point of view. His sculptures of astonishing virtuosity subvert historical and social data with references from the mass psychology of pop culture, comics and Dante’s hell, to children’s stories and Al-Qaeda. Dionilsis Kavellieratos’ works create a personal cosmology with poetic narratives that depict the human species in the depths and heights of its greatness, through a humorous and ironic style.

Recent solo exhibitions include: private room in Art Brussels 2013, The Ballad of Chicken Banana, Karas Gallery (Zagreb, 2011), The Curse of the Monk with Iris van Dongen, Galerie Cosmic (Paris, 2009), Recent group exhibitions: Ametria, Deste Foundation (Athens, 2015), Terrapolis, Neon Organisation, (Athens, 2015), No Country for Young Men, Bozar,(Brussels, 2014), The Mediterranean Experience: The Mediterranean as a spatial paradigm for the circulation of ideas and meaning. An introduction, Macedonian Museum of modern Art, (Thessaloniki, 2013), Faces, Onassis Cultural Centre ( Athens, 2012), Derti Humanism, Faggionato Fine Arts (London, 2011), A Rock and a Hard Place, 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art(Thessaloniki, 2011) Satan Get Behind Me and Push, Peres Projects (Berlin, 2010), Heaven, 2nd Athens Biennale (2009).