liang 2019Synchronized-Emotion同步于情绪-400x300

The Bernier/Eliades Gallery is happy to present the first belgian solo show of the Chinese artist Liang Wei at the gallery in Brussels. The exhibition will open on the 5th of September coinciding with the Brussels Gallery Weekend from 18:00 to 21:00.

Liang Wei is one of China’s most original new voices in contemporary painting. Her work takes apart imagery of urban environments, architecture, machinery, cinema and classical art to reassemble them into fantastical compositions that suggest an alternative physical plane of existence. These meticulous compositions look abstract at first glance, but the eye quickly starts to discern familiar shapes and structures that form new narratives in the mind of the viewer. The lack of focal point, or rather seemingly multiple focal points, of her paintings suggest classical Chinese landscapes in which physical space is painted from both the perspective of the viewer and people in the composition. The eye follows the narrative, but also explores the landscape as it does so. In a similar fashion, when faced with Liang Wei’s works, the viewer’s eye is guided to different points in the composition by the structure and energy of the brush strokes, making discoveries as it does so.

The extremely detailed nature of Liang Wei work necessitates a long creative process. The compositions are grown organically out of chaos but resolve in a sense of equilibrium. Many stories seem to be hidden behind the clusters of shapes, waiting to burst out from the explosion of brush strokes. Her work, like contemporary society, attempts to build utopian visions out of dystopian realities.