"Coup de Chien"

January 18 – March 2, 2024


The Bernier/Eliades Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new artworks from artist Tindara Spartà (Dijon, France) titled «Coup de Chien».


Tindara Spartà studied at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Dijon and participated in several solo and group exhibitions. Her art is marked by – as she quotes herself – an angst-ridden, aggressive creative process, envisioning houses self-destructing and flying away. She employs gestures, assembling and disassembling fabricated objects.


Recent forays into tiling and mosaics reflect a logical progression, with Spartà finding the repetitive nature of meditative and transformative, breathing life into household tiles. This evolution showcases her ability to infuse dynamic elements into seemingly mundane objects, revealing a distinctive artistic perspective. Tindara Spartà’s artistic repertoire encompasses a diverse range, from painted tapestries and bouquet-inspired sculptures to paintings that exude a lifelike quality.


Her creations span the spectrum, ranging from miniature installations to life-sized ones, consistently infused with a distinctive domestic ambiance by sculpting dogs, incorporating flowers or living spaces into her art. However: “Those are houses that tear apart, implode in silence, inhabitants of my nightmares, Oscar-winning actresses of my nights, come crashing down and meet little manufactured houses. I never build from A to Z, perhaps from M to S. Anxiogenic, hostile, suspended in time, domestic space is at the heart of my practice. The dog, both protector and guardian, owns the place, masters the space and interacts with the other pieces. My dogs are more like mutts, mongrels in the simplest, almost primitive form.”


In 2023, the artist’s solo exhibition, Butch’s Car, opened at Atelier White Cubi in Dijon. The previous year, Spartà showcased Le bain at Frac in France. She also participated in group exhibitions, such as “Après-midi de chien at Collectif Portail in Chagny, France.


Join us at the Bernier/Eliades Gallery in Brussels to discover the familiar and find beauty in the everyday objects of Tindara’s world.